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It's fitness with a literary twist.

Age 27
Height: 5' 10"
SW 05/01/12: 240 lbs
CW 10/03/13: 180 lbs

I made a poster to go with our giant Library card that patrons can take pictures with for our Facebook page to celebrate National Library Week.

I have been cackling in my cubicle all morning as I rewrote the lyrics to “Let Me Take A Selfie.”

"After we get some DVDs,
can we go get some new books?
I really want the next book in this series. But first, let me take a #libraryselfie.”

"Can you guys help me pick an audiobook? I don’t know if
I should go with John Green or
Rainbow Rowell. I wanna be moved.
But first, let me take a #libraryselfie.”

"What should my caption be?
I want it to be clever.
How about “Livin’ it up with my librarians #READ”

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Posted on Friday, 11 April
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    Love! If I wasn’t afraid of the “Selfie” lyrics getting stuck in my head every time I saw the display, I would be all...
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    I wanna do this!
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