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The Ripped Librarian

It's fitness with a literary twist.

Age 27
Height: 5' 10"
SW 05/01/12: 240 lbs
CW 10/03/13: 180 lbs

The three snow ladies are here for Christmas story time!

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Posted on Wednesday, 11 December
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  1. vienaturelle said: I want you to be my little’s story time teacher! Then again she’d ditch me because she’d love you!
  2. thisstephanie said: you’re so CUTE! I love it!
  3. callmemoprah said: CUUUTE
  4. dailyclerk1 said: Adorable!!!
  5. thebuffbaker said: Can you stop being so perfect and just move in with me already? K thx bai.
  6. fencerdenoctum said: THE HAT THO
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